Holy Grail

Holy Grail

Oil on Can­vas, $4800

Also avail able as a print.

ANATOMY: Small intestines, colon with rec­tum, pelvic cradle.

BEYOND: The Labrynth is some­times thought of as a chal­ice. This par­tic­u­lar pat­tern is also a rep­re­sen­ta­tion of mov­ing through the chakras — which is the rea­son of the pur­ple gem in the cen­ter. We assim­i­late most of our bod­ily nour­ish­ment from our small intestines, var­ing loca­tions have dif­fer­ent sub­stances they absorb or in other words, are able to take in. This is true also in human learn­ing or “absorb­ing” — At the “right” time and loca­tion we are able to accept cer­tain teach­ings that at other times would have not been pos­si­ble. Also is true for our spir­i­tual and physic development.

As the intestines are some­thing we rarely if ever pay atten­tion to. This is also true about our devel­op­ment in the spir­i­tual world and life learn­ing. Often we do not see what we are learn­ing in the moment, but only upon reflec­tion at some later time do we see our changes, improve­ments and growth. The flow­ers or fruits of our labor can be seen when we travel within.

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