Mother of Life

Mother of Life

30 x 40 inches, Oil on Canvas, $2200

Also available as a print.

ANATOMY:  Female pelvis and femur heads. Fetus with internal organs visable descending down the birth canal, crowning signifying imminent birth.

BEYOND:  Women have had the role of being the bringer “sin” since biblical ages.  If we spend a moment to think about the deed of eating the apple, it was the catalyst/metaphor of the evolution of human consciousness.  As humans we are born into “sin” or temptation regardless of our gender.  It is the nature of our existence here, which does not make us any less than divine creations.  The cycles of life, aging and death are just that; cycles.

Our relationship to the cosmic cycles has always existed. Women’s bodies like ocean tides and plants respond to lunar rhythms. This mysterious relationship seems to aid the creation of life. Seeds are planted during specific periods of the lunar cycle to ensure their strong and healthy growth.  The birth of humanity’s awareness and knowledge has given us many gifts. May our gift of freewill also be used wisely in our growth and development on Mother Earth.

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