What is Anatomy Awake?

by Deborah on September 16, 2010

Anatomy Awake

The human body: we see the outside – the color of our eyes, our hair, arms and legs, our weight, our shape (are you an apple or a pear?), the pigment and texture of our skin. But the inside, now there’s a mystery!

In August of 1999, I began training to become a registered nurse. I studied human anatomy and physiology. This opened a whole new world where I saw what lies under the skin and I began to get a glimmer at how we are put together and how we function.

With a background in Qabalah and Anthroposophy, I see the body through lenses of spirituality living in the world. But how do I communicate this revelation of human’s literally being made in the image of God? PAINTING! I’ve been painting since 1995 and lost interest in many of the common subjects such as, landscapes, still life, etc, but anatomy really captivated me. Why not paint anatomy? Artists have studied human structure and form throughout history including, Leonardo DaVinci who exhumed corpses of the recently deceased.

In addition to studying Western spiritual traditions, I have also studied Hinduism and Buddhism. I love learning about indigenous cultures and always find rich spiritual symbols there. The combination of anatomical research and spiritual symbology has given me the realization that the human body literally is made up of spiritual archetypes.

My first anatomy painting, Crown of Thorns and the on-going art/healing project Anatomy Awake was thus born1. My goal is to share my vision, knowledge, and enthusiasm for human creation as spiritual beings, as well as cultivate a new relationship to ourselves facilitating self-love and health.

My current project, full body human dissection, allows me the opportunity to explore the human form in the most intimate way. This research, coupled with meditation and painting reveals incredible mysteries. The Garden of Eden lives in our brain, Hinduism’s cosmic web exists in all of the connective tissues, and the Christos lives in our heart.

I invite you to visit my online gallery. Each painting includes a description of the subject and where it lives in the body and suggested starting points for your own deeper investigation. Prints with further information are also available for purchase. I love talking to people so drop me a line with your own insights, questions or to schedule an Anatomy Awake presentation at your facility.

Deborah Finn-Romero is a mother of two, a Registered Nurse, certified herbalist, and painter. She is currently involved in human dissection with Marcie Woolsey, PhD, and Jeff Changaris at American River College. Deborah graduated from Consciousness Studies with Dennis Klocek in 2001.

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